About Sexagogy

I recently completed my Master’s thesis in the Department of Educational Policy Studies with a specialization in Adult Education at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My research examined non-traditional venues of sexuality education for adults (read: informal/non-formal, non-medical, non fear-based education) via poststructural feminism and autoethnography. Under this umbrella of possibilities, I was most particularly interested in the potential for sex shops and home sex toy parties as venues for this re-conceptualized vision of sexuality education.

Lauren_NerdNite Photo courtesy of Marc-Julien Objois and Nerd Nite Edmonton

This interest arose from my experience as a teacher of both children & adults. The subject of sexuality, including sex and sexual health topics, was a constant theme in my classrooms, as my students had many questions for which they were seeking truthful, factual responses. This was challenging and frustrating for me, as there is little room for these discussions in this setting despite the fact that these conversations are essential to our health & wellbeing. Additionally, since January 2007, I have had the unique opportunity to work as an in-home sex toy party facilitator with a locally-owned, sex-positive, adult toy boutique. There, parallel to my teaching experience, participants expressed many sexuality-related questions, problems and wonderings that were not answered to their satisfaction in other spaces and this particular environment seemed to lend itself to great conversations on a variety of topics.

Please visit this link to view my research study entitled, Home Sex Toy Parties: A Non-traditional, Uniquely Situated Venue of Sexuality Education for Women.

In addition to my recent graduate work, I am currently employed at the University of Alberta as a Research Coordinator in the Faculty of Nursing. This challenging and interesting role continually shapes and changes my perspectives on my own research and my ideas on the world in general. Outside of my academic interests, I am an avid traveler and a foodie (there are many great dining experiences to be had here in Edmonton!) and I am passionate about reading non-fiction and watching documentary films. My wonderful spouse shares my love for both the global and the local and we have had many amazing adventures together – and we are always planning many more!

Thanks for taking time to view this page and my blog. I hope you enjoy.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

– Shakespeare (Hamlet Act 1, Scene 5, 159-167)


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  1. Shermaine says:

    I thank you hbmuly for sharing your wisdom JJWY

  2. pVbAjl says:

    363188 456497Whoa! This weblog looks just like my old 1! It is on a entirely different topic but it has pretty significantly exactly the same layout and style. Outstanding choice of colors! 11247

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