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About sexagogy

I recently completed my Master's thesis exploring non-traditional venues of sexuality education for adults and I am wondering where it will take me next.

A thank you letter to Dr. Henry Morgentaler

On May 29th, 2013, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a Canadian icon, passed away at the age of 90. I knew a lot about him as a young woman growing up during his years of activism. When I moved away from home … Continue reading

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Rehtaeh & Me

Since the story of Rehtaeh Parsons went public in early April, I have been mentally stewing. Simmering… slowing working things around as I piece together my thoughts. In many ways I can relate to Rehtaeh’s story. When I was fifteen … Continue reading

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Coming into focus in my thirtieth year…

I know I sound like a blogging cliche, but I have been consumed these last few days with thoughts of what I want this year to be. Normally I am full of reflection and not many resolutions, but this year feels … Continue reading

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That little voice inside my head

You would think that I was done with writing, but I guess I’m not. It has been a while though. I have just submitted the second draft of my thesis and I am celebrating on this Friday afternoon with a … Continue reading

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thank you India

Another one of those writing days. Sitting at my computer in the family room, I can see fluffy white flakes gently wafting to the ground. Yes, I know it should be Spring, but with this falling snow comes lovely silence … Continue reading

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My dentist called me ‘hon’

So. After a couple of days of solid reading and writing for my thesis, I decided to take a break and get the old pearly whites cleaned. After moving away from the city centre about 20 month ago, I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Why ‘hysterical’ should be a 4-letter word…

Sigh. It’s been a while. With hubby back at work, the house is silent. I have returned to reading and writing all day in my pyjamas with an endless supply of lattes. With reading comes excitement and with excitement comes … Continue reading

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